Organic Material Effusion Cell -a very latest effusion cell.

We pleased to offer you a new range of multihearth electron beam evaporators - EBVM - for use in ultra-high vacuum (UHV) applications.
High Flatness Erbium Doped Fibers
Erbium Doped Optical Fiber
Erbium Doped Optical Fiber Enables Optical Amplifier (EDFA) Cost Reduction
Complete series of Polarization Maintaining Components
Isolators successfully pass 7W power handling.
New 900um Tight Buffer WDM, Isolator, Patchcord
New High Isolation FWDM, up to 45dB Reflection Isolation
High Power WDM, Isolator, up to 3W Handling Power
Large Aperture Isolator Core, Up to 20W Handling Power
New Future Instrument Mini Fusion Splicer and Field Fusion Splicer
New Record Low Results For Splicing Losses Of Highly Doped Erbium Fibers
Launch of new Automated Fiber Preparation Unit
Fiber Coupled Direct Diode Laser
Laser Diode Drivers
Solid-state Lasers
Laser Control Units
Laser System Chillers
40 Watt to 150 Watt Direct Diode Systems
Laser Diodes: Pump Bars, Pump Arrays, High Power Arrays are Available in Stock.
PM components for high power fiber laser and amplifier applications based on fused fiber technology.
Ultra Low Ratio Tap Couplers for high power Fiber Laser applications
Serving fiber-laser, biomedical, military, avionics, sensing and display applications.
Anomaly was chosen by BroadLight for the Thermal Analysis to BroadLight's New PON project.
Anomaly sets up New Company to be a System Integrator for Laser technologies in Homeland Security Market involving leading personals from Israeli Photonics Industry.
Large Core Multimode for High-Power Beam Delivery Fibers
Fiber Bundles & Custom Assemblies
Double Clad Optical Fibers.
Ultra-Low-Loss Mid-IR Transmission Optical Fibers
New, Innovative and Breakthrough technique combines excellent shielding and protection properties with environmentally friendly materials and a simple production process; This technique allows for new and flexible designs with short lead-time. This means optimized and cost effective solutions.
We are happy to announce the launch of new Cleaver for Large Diameter Fibers. The Cleaver is fully automatic and designed for the production environment. The cleaver handles diameters between 125 and 1000 µm and produces best quality end faces.
We are happy to announce a new Cleave Meter. This instrument is a contact free interferometer for fibers with diameters of 125 to 1000µm to check the quality of the cleaved fiber and to supervise the quality of the cleaver.
New fully automatic Fiber Preparation Machine that Strips, Cleans and Cleaves a fiber within 16 seconds!
New Controllable-Channel-Selective-Filter that works as a channel selective EVOA
The Smallest Broadband EVOA on the market!, Axial Configuration, In-Fiber design, No-moving parts, Opaque without power, Very low insertion loss!!!
Controllable Channel Selective Coupler!!!- This device will enable the switching of a single channel in a DWDM signal from one fiber to another without affecting the others and without de-multiplexing!!!
New Vertical Electron Beam Evaporator EBW. The compact design with integrated x-y-beam deflection opens new fields of application.
New Multi Pocket Evaporator
First shipyard in the United States successfully Laser Weld a structural Steel Panel on the shipyard’s production equipment.
US Air Force will take delivery of its first 500W Fiber Coupled Diode Laser System.
Partnership Achieves World Record with Fiber Laser developed under a grant from the U.S. Air Force
Immediately availability of All-Solid-State Variable Optical Attenuators (VOA)
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)’s Advanced Technology Program (ATP) has granted USD$3.5M to develop a new type of Optic Switch based on a revolutionary optical MEMS technology.
NEW Temperature Control Unit (TCU) for outdoor/mobile applications, special applications: X-ray systems.
Anomaly chosen Partners underlying technology platforms are developed with major funding from: DARPA, ATP and U.S.A D.O.D